Promote your dishes, not the place
Reach new guests with the Foodism app. Add dishes with photos to the feed and to the map of the city, where residents and tourists can find the most juicy and proven dishes.
Now the dishes lead customers

Add dishes with juicy photos and description, and they will be visible and accessible for a quick search, both for local residents and for tourists.

Now the dishes are visible to everyone

Each dish is tied to the geo-location of your place, which speeds up the search for those who are close to you or who are looking for dishes on the map.

Promote your dishes, not the place

Choose to whom, when and what dish to promote. Flexible selection of the target audience within the application allows you to effectively attract new guests.

Accept table bookings easily

Dish page - a new channel for receiving table bookings. Foodism processes all bookings and sends a request to the general telephone of your place without any integration or training of your personnel.

Get reviews for each dish

Thanks to the reviews with the obligatory photograph of the dish, you get instant feedback on a particular dish and confirmation that the guest really tasted it.

Manage the dishes

After registering with the service, you will have access to a personal account, where you can add and edit dishes as you upgrade the menu. No restrictions.

Play with the guests!
Food quests - a unique way to promote dishes
Food quest is a task or a series of tasks that a user performs to receive an award in the form of points, which can later be exchanged for prizes. This is a new gaming tool for not boringly tell about your best dishes, as well as attract guests, thanks to rewards from Foodism.
How to add my dishes to Foodism?
Add my business

Create an account with your business. You can add several places at once, there are no restrictions.

Add my business
Add my dishes

Begin to add dishes. The more information about the dish fill out, the higher its competitive advantage in the search. Particular attention should be paid to the requirements for photographs.

Photo Requirements
Wait for the approval and start!

As soon as your dishes and the establishment are approved, they will appear in the app and will be available for search, feedback and promotion.

Already in Foodism?
Promotional opportunities for you
Foodism offers unique ways to promote dishes for the target audience. In the arsenal there are various ways to interact with users.
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Anna Chadlieva
PR-director, restaurant "Block"
«In the year of 2015, the world was covered by gastro-culture. A couple of years later, a self-made Foodism appeared in St. Petersburg, an assistant in choosing the best dish for each user. The important thing is that we are all a bit of a foodie and kitchen amateur»
Sergey Glazunov
Co-owner of gills, Ronny and Dzamiko
«This is definitely a breakthrough in the gastronomic field. It is very interesting to see how this project will grow in a couple of years!»
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